Wednesday, January 25, 2012

chad a everson on Safety

Uh oh, look what Cultbuster is reporting:

Lawsuit Coming for Trinity (click here).

Trinity, you were warned about this so called "pastor's" lack of concern for the flock.

All you "deacons" and "psc members" that would not heed those warnings, this is as much your fault as it is his.

The TRUTH shall set you free.

Stay tuned folks, this will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Trinity is now being peddled off to anyone who will purchase her quickly! Jim Brown has called other pastors and asked them about purchasing the TBC campus. They are about to lose it. One pastor said NO based on the the members who would want to stay and cause problems. (Smart move)

Chad also tried to sell the Sr. Adult housing that is part of Trinity but is also separate. If he does this he will start another lawsuit. The people involved will be named and attorneys are ready to start the process.

Brad Walker who wised up has also left. Last Sunday was his last and he has moved back to KY.

I feel so bad for the members who are still at TBC and are really good people. They will be destroyed by Chad and his disciples sins.

Watching You said...

Who are the attorneys that are ready to file if the Sr Adult facility is sold?

Anonymous said...

And that explains why resume's are flying in Georgia and beyond.

What a Legacy.

Watching You said...

Please provide the attorneys' names so they can be contacted.

Their names will not be published here.

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard if chad is still trying to sell the senior housing?

Anonymous said...

So, what is happening with Chad now? I hear Calvinism is forefront and they attended the 9Marks and G3 Conference recently at his dads former church in Douglasville Ga - These are Calvinist groups which Chad denied he was a part of when in Stark at Madison St.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Trinity or what is left of a mighty temple of the Almighty God. She is nothing but an empty shell of what used to be used by God. Only about 200 people total in the services and nursery together on Sundays. Three staff members who have been with Trinity for one over 20 years will be terminated the end of the year. Bro John who has been with Trinity since day one will be fired. Also Jeri Beth who has been the pastor's secretary for years and Greg Stringfield who has been the pastor's puppet will also be fired. Not one of his good ole boys. They are all safe for now. Chad also had sold the bus to the church that he despises for $30,000.00 and the members had no voice in it. They had to have the money to be able to pay his salary for a few more months. He has also sold the senior adult housing and without a care for these wonderful people who have no where to go. Their rent will go way up and will leave several homeless. He has also put the church up for sale. Many churches have been contacted about buying it. No takers yet but he told the church that it was not up for discussion that the building would be sold. There are still a few that are still following not many. All the sister churches have received the blessing from this once great church. It's members are scattered and some do hardhearted that they don't even go to church anymore.

Yes you told us all that this would happen and many did not believe. Now we all just shake our heads heartbroken.

There is a light in all this. A church that was on the brink of bankruptcy is on her way up. Built by many who felt that God have forgotten us. We are so overjoyed over what God is doing through us. When Chad tried to break us, God rebuilt our hearts and our spirit. We are so thankful for all God has done. We still miss what was but excited in our future.

Please continue to pray for the few who are still holding on and ones whose Chad's hold is slipping away. They are starting to leave again and there will be no way that Trinity will be able to stay open. They will be in the reverse of LHBC. The only thing is the people who are there still love Trinity and are concerned for her. They do not wish anything bad for them. We are all just happy and blessed to be active in a fully Jesus worshiping church.