Tuesday, November 15, 2011

chad a everson on Sandusky

With the Sandusky story coming to light, it just sounds so familiar. Leaders of an established organization covering up the abuse of a child.

I know a so called "pastor" that has covered up missing money and the abuse of at least one minor that carter got busted for. Too bad all the other carter cronies that covered for him did not get fired or arrested.

When you support corrupt leaders like this, you get what you got. It may look successful for a time, but it will come crashing down one day.


Anonymous said...

I know many of the people from Chad's other churches think we at Trinity have just given up. That is not true, many of us have left and are just trying to put this behind us. Others are still fighting hanging in to help pick up the pieces, We would have fought but just got tired of hitting brick walls. The deacons and staff are so afraid of Chad. They fear something about him and would not stand up to him. Most will admit that Chad needs to leave even now but they don't have the support of all of the deacons. He has something on them somehow that makes them just coward to him.It is sad but those of us that were just sick of it have left. I pray that you will make a difference. I know you have or another church would have called him away. Other churches must be doing their homework better than we did.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an updated number of how many people have moved their membership since Chad arrived? And how many have joined? Just curious. We have left, but haven't joined the church we are visiting yet. I'm sure there are many like us. Chad talks about the "decline" in church attendance is a problem all over, but if members are moving to another church, that is not a decline in attendance- that is choosing to attend a different church!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to attain the total number of members that have left. I keep getting different totals. I will update what I do know is fact.

The first year Chad was at TBC we lost over 200 members. By mid-year most people had found out what we had never heard about Chad's past. (I understand some people were told but most of us did not know)

By the second year there were many so unhappy. The PSC members were ducking people and questions. 2 members had left(1 did return). People were trying to ask questions but were deemed as "Trouble Makers" There were about 400 members who either moved their membership or just left.

Now Year Three: Things are really BAD. More than 600 members moved their membership to LaBelle Haven. About 150 more left and went elsewhere. Chad is trying to work out a deal with other churches in the area to find a smaller building. They are working to try to sell the TBC building.Most of the people will find this to be fact in a few weeks. Chad has taken a small pay cut and several secretaries have had hours cut. I will say this the pastors of TBC are making way to much money. The pastor over media lives in a $200,000.00 house and his wife stays home. Most of the membership can't afford this luxury for their own families, but the staff expects to be paid enough to be able to.

Chad has made it known that the funds are showing "Black" but barely and only because of the way they adjust it. The facts are there is no money and the building is about to be closed.

In all this remember Chad's words... "It is not MY fault it is all the others."

The other two churches have bounced back but it may not happen this time. The building is almost in foreclosure. Jim Brown is working hard to keep this from happening but may all be in vain. Yes we were warned but I personally did not know until after Chad was here and it was to late. I am heartbroken and sad over this. I only hope God steps in soon.

Anonymous said...

It is true that almost 60% of the membership has left. There are very few children. I know this is true because I went back just before Christmas and I was shocked over the few numbers. When I asked about it I was told they were looking for a new location. The person blamed all the people who left and went to LHBC and started their own church.

Anonymous said...

thanks. you just reminded me that i haven't removed my membership yet. will need to do that soon since my family has found a new loving church home

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that there are still people who are so blind that they do not realize who is to blame...it's Chad Everson! Wake up!

Those people who left and went to LHBC, as well as every other Baptist Church within a 20-mile radius of Southaven, went because of Chad Everson...no other reason. LHBC just happened to be a place of refuge for many, thank the Lord.

Leaving wasn't easy for anyone who left....it was PAINFUL! We left friends and a church family we had loved for many years because we could not justify sitting under the teaching of a man who was in it for money and using God to get the best deal for himself, nothing more.

God tells us in His Word to flee from that kind of leadership and we did. The problems at Trinity can be squarely placed onto the shoulders of Chad and the "Deacons" (makes me shudder to even call them that) who let him come into Trinity and destroy it right before our eyes. Whatever happens there now, is a direct result of their inaction and God's justice...not because of the people who left to go to real churches and to flee a place that had dwindled to Chad's High Drama Club.

For the information of the person who blamed the people who have left....we are all thriving in our new churches and are free of the drama and hypocrisy that is rampant at Trinity. If Trinity had been what it should have been, it would be growing now instead of withering.

Is Chad worth it???


It the Everson way or no way. Been that way for years.

They are still at it but have gone into silence mode.

But thanks to CHAD I was motivated to start thecultbuster.blogspot.com website.

Thanks again Chad to you and your family -especially daddy Mike - for making my site so popular!

388,0062 hits, 18454 unique visitors so far and growing in less than a year.

People do want to know and now do!