Monday, September 28, 2009

chad everson, jarrod everson, and jeff summers on jeff carter


jeff carter has finally been sentenced. For what, you might ask? Well, chad told Madison Street Baptist Church that it was because he was "not living above reproach". chad said carter had done nothing criminal. Yet chad knew in July 2008 exactly what the police found out in November 2008 when they arrested carter, see here and here. Well apparently a judge and state attorney thought it was criminal.

The judgment against carter dated September 15, 2009 states that he “entered a plea of nolo contendere” and “that the defendant is hereby ADJUDICATED GUILTY of the crime Aggravated Assault With Intent To Commit A Felony – Statute Number 784.021 1b.”

It also states, “Now, therefore, it is ordered and adjudged that imposition of sentence is hereby withheld and that you be placed on Probation for a period of Five (5) years with sex offender conditions under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, subject to Florida law.”

chad everson, jarrod everson, and jeff summers knew what carter did long before he was arrested for it; however they continually told the victim’s mother that she must forgive because carter had repented. She was terrified he would victimize another young girl and felt that more had to be done, but chad and his crew steadfastly refused to do anything. chad had stated from the pulpit at Madison Street that he had a previous staff member that had been accused of inappropriate conduct with a child. carter was a previous staff member prior to Madison Street and so was summers.

Trinity, you are in direct violation of Matthew 18 by allowing him to continue his destructive ways in the name of a Holy God. You are providing him the means to destroy more lives.

chad has been rebuked privately and publicly and members of the body are to withhold intimate fellowship through the process and procedure of group disapproval and social ostracism. Clearly, the offender knows that his action has dishonored the Lord and has caused a rupture in the harmony of the body. The goal has always been restoration.

2 Thess. 3:6, 14-15
6) But we command you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to keep away from any brother who lives an undisciplined life and not according to the tradition they received from us.
14) But if anyone does not obey our message through this letter, take note of him and do not associate closely with him, so that he may be ashamed.
15) Yet do not regard him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.

Unfortunately, here we are at the final stage.

“If there is still no response in repentance and obedience, the church is to apply the procedures of excommunication as directed in Matthew 18:17 (If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. If he refuses to listen to the church, treat him like a Gentile or a tax collector.)”

Fellow Brothers & Sisters, my prayer is that you will reach out to this man and his family with the Gospel.


Anonymous said...

He will probably be back in a church in Ga.or maybe even Miss. He should be in Jail. He is SICK!

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of why all churches should invest in background checks of their employees and anyone who volunteers with children. If your church doesn't do this, you might just find someone like Carter working there.

My question is this: does Florida not have laws that require the reporting of activity like this? I know MS does. A minister can face a penalty of $5,000 and/or 1 year in jail for failing to report these kinds of crimes. I guess it's a good thing for Chad that he and his crew didn't move here any sooner than he did.

John said...

John 8:3-11

3The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4and said to Jesus, "Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?" 6They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." 8Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

9At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10Jesus straightened up and asked her, "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?"

11"No one, sir," she said.
"Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin."

Anonymous said...

No one is condemning anyone, just putting out the truth that chad wouldn't.

Wouldn't you want to know that a man like carter had access to your kids? Oh yeah that is what the sex offender database is about, are you calling up the Florida DOC to preach to them about that?

John said...

"He should be in Jail. He is SICK!"

That's not condemning??

choose the practices of the DOC over the teachings of Jesus....

If the DOC puts this information out then why do you choose to also? Aren't they doing a good enough job? I agree with what they do. But it's not your job. when you do it, it's called slander and gossip.

Matt said...

No one from the doc died for our sins. Jesus did. I wonder who we should follow.....

Anonymous said...

Titus 1:7, 8

"An elder must live a blameless life because he is God's minister. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered; he must not be a heavy drinker, violent, or greedy for money.

He must enjoy having guests in his home and must love all that is good. He must live wisely and be fair. He must live a devout and disciplined life."

Anonymous said...

Slander huh, you guys really need to look up the definition?

Anon 9/29 @ 8:12 seems to be voicing an opinion, is that not allowed, John, Matt? Besides, there are plenty of psychologists that would tell you that sex offenders are sick. Just ask Jeff Summers or Michele Everson, they are counselors, they can tell you.

As for following Jesus, my understanding of the Bible is that Jesus did take a strong and vocal stand against the religious Pharisees of His day. But you guys seem to know better than the rest of us and seem to be holier too, so please enlighten us.

John said...

I'm not arguing what Titus says. I agree with the standards set forth for elders and he should have lived up to those standards.

What I don't agree with is your response to the fact that he didn't live up to those standards.

The grace of God covers all who put their faith in Him. If you have no sin in your life, then please go ahead with your condemnation.

Wayne said...

if he had a fair trial and has accepted his punishment, why do you continue to publicly condemn him this way?

Let him pay his for his crimes and move on with his life.

Anonymous said...

John said, "What I don't agree with is your response to the fact that he didn't live up to those standards."

You don't know him very well then do you.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is keeping him from his life, Wayne.

What about the lives of those families that he hurt with his deeds?

If you only knew the pain and turmoil that they still have to deal with because of this man. Then you have the men like Chad Everson and Jeff Summers that condemned those that he hurt instead of ministering to them when they needed it most.

wayne said...

and all you're doing is tormenting and hurting the everson and summers families!

Are you not causing them pain and turmoil??

two wrongs do not make a right!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt they even care about this site. I heard they could care less what is on here. They said that it is just some crazy guy that didn't get his way.

Just want the truth said...

John said, "The grace of God covers all who put their faith in Him. If you have no sin in your life, then please go ahead with your condemnation." I understand where you're coming from, but I think we're talking about two totally different parts of the issue.

No one ever said that he hasn't been forgiven. God does extend forgivness to ALL of us (praise Him!). But to accept forgiveness and repent, you must first confess what you've done, meaning you see your sin the way God sees it. Whether Carter regrets his actions because he's truly remorseful or just because he got caught is not for us to know. That is not the issue we're talking about.

Just because God forgives our sins does not mean that He wipes away the consequences as well. I think too many people forget that part. That pretty much follows the "license to sin" line of thinking. You forget that innocent people are left in the wake of actions like this. There is a young lady out there who I'm sure was traumatized by this, and because of Carter's position in the church, his actions will have a profound impact on her views of God, the church, and church leaders for a long time to come. There are church members who voiced concerns about Carter before this happened and were ignored by church leaders who were in a position to invesigate the matter. Those leaders have never admitted that they made a mistake by not acknowledging the situation. These men are still serving in our churches.

I believe what is going on with the dialogue here is just trying to prevent this from happening again. School teachers who are convicted of this same thing are NEVER allowed to work with children in schools again. Should churches have a lower standard? Should a school be a safer place than our churches?!

Are you basically saying that you wouldn't have a problem with Carter coming to your church and mentoring your child or grandchild because God's forgiven him? I'm just asking.

wayne said...

well i guess that makes it ok...

X Member said...

This was from, the original one who first exposed these men - especially Mike Everson and Jarrod Everson - when Doug posted about Chad's alleged coverup involvement concerning his brother.

Looks like there is a pattern here.

From the letter "for Madison Sreet";

.....Chad says he “DID NOT KNOW” Jarrod was in porn while at Prays Mill and before he hired him before he came to Madison Street.

When it was reported to me that Chad was denying Knowledge I sent an email to Mike Everson Pastor of Prays Mill, or Chad’s Dad and asked the following;

“It has come to my attention that CHAD is now denying knowledge of Jarrod’s PORN issue while he was at Prays Mill Baptist Church.

As you know, we spoke several times, especially after ……’s issue with his PORN incidents, concerning Jarrod in Florida and my / your concerns of him being held accountable. You also stated in our conversations the Chad stated to you that the computers at Madison Street were being checked by paid computer professionals regularly (Every Friday) to make sure Jarrod had NO issues. Also you will recall I ask if I needed to go to Florida to verify the P C’s proper usage , and you assured me Chad had it under control.

Please help clear this up for me.”

He sent an email back, But did not clear up my question at all and he failed to answer the simple e-mail question.

So Chad is saying, his dad did not tell him, Jarrod did not tell him, no one ----? No family members, No close relatives, No in laws… was all hush- hush?

What about when Mark Hodges met with Chad and asked him if he knew? ( referenced in letter four) What was CHAD’s reaction after Mark stated to him what I had told him about Jarrod? Why didn’t CHAD call me immediately and ask what and how this occurred if he did not know? And the final way I know he knew about Jarrod will be disclosed later as requested by authorities.

Is there evidence and proof of his PORN viewing?

YES. - If his old computer Hard Drive is still at Prays Mill.

Anonymous said...

The one thing Chad is scared of is the truth. The Truth cannot be hid it will come to the surface. Just like a Light on a dark Hillside. It will shine and be noticed. A question I do have is if criminal charges are gonna be brought aganist Chad for covering up for Jeff Carter?

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly looks like he could, if FL chooses to prosecute. Apparently, according to Florida statute 775.21, failure by a teacher, doctor, clergy member, etc., to report an aggrevated assault or other similar crime is considered a felony , and he could most likely face 2nd or 3rd degree felony charges. That is if the state chooses to file charges.

Sick of Chad said...

I do hope that Matt and John are not members of Trinity but some of the things they have said makes me think they are Chad and Jeff S.

As for the woman that Jesus forgave it was different. Not that what she did was not wrong because she was but she was an adult and was with adult men. She did not use her position in the community to force herself on these men. That is what this man did. Chad don't try this at Trinity we had this happen once before and it will not happen agian. That time it was viewing porn and not trying to rape a child. We will send you to jail and from what I hear Hernando Jail is not a fun place to be.

But Chad that is what you are doing to churches.You are a church predator. You are trying to rape them. You use your position to worm your way in and use it to make lots of money and earn fame. I do hate to tell you that the name you are making for yourself is not a good one. Everyone is starting to know your name and you will not go to far on it.

You had the ability to prove these sites wrong and come into Trinity and have a fresh start. You yourself have made their case. You have acted the way they predicted you would months ago. What you do is sick as well.

Anonymous said...

I was told that the search committee was told by Chad that all of this was on the web about him and he insisted they look into it before calling him to the church. He claims they did and saw it all. Now one of them said that they saw none of Minister Watch and are under the impression that this site started after Chad came to Trinity. Well I looked it up and it started April 8, 2008. It was there, he just LIED and did not want them to see this.

I have talked to the people who started this site. They are not crazy and believe that what they are doing needs to be done to stop Chad from bringing down another church. If you want proof send an e-mail through the contact under the counter on this page. They are very nice and do not seem like people who are just consumed with hurting Chad. In my own mind I have to listen to someone who seems concerned and caring and not someone who could not "Give A Rip" about us.

Trinity he knew that he was in trouble and had to leave Florida. He is afraid now that the state may come after him because he did know and tried to cover up this sex offender. Chad is just as guilty if he did not report it and get that man out of the church.

He is also going to have us keep paying his house note in Florida cause his house is not selling. No one down there wants anything to do with him or Jeff S. They don't even want their houses. So who will get to pay more tithe to pay his salary, rent here and FL home. WE WILL! Some of us are having trouble paying our own bills and he wants more for himself. I bet he will vote himself a big RAISE too!!

Beware he is BAD NEWS.....

Anonymous said...

I have cried all night. Bro. Chad lied to us. He promised that he would never do away with choir and last night in practice we found out his real plans. Bro. Jon said to "Help save our voices for Christmas" we would not be singing any specials until AFTER Christmas. That is the worst excuse he could have given. I did not want to believe that Bro. Chad would lie and that everyone was wrong but he did it and I was there to see it for myself. What is next Sunday School?

I now have a good reason to miss all of worship services and now start visiting other churches. The Praise Team does not need me and neither does Bro. Jon.

Just want the truth said...

What Chad told Trinity's search committee is that there were a couple of people who had started a blog, but they were just lying and had some kind of weird obsession with destroying his whole family. The committee members were on their own to look it up if they wanted to. It was the perfect storm: Trinity had already had its share of threatening mass emails and anonymous letters and such a couple of years ago (anyone remember those?), and since the committee didn't believe the ones that were circulated around OUR church, why should they have any reason to believe that the same thing hadn't happened to Chad? They wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. And why shouldn't they? He had people like Herb Reavis, Sam Cathey and Bob Pittman singing his praises.

Listen, there's something that we all need to understand about these traveling evangelists. They need BIG CHURCHES to preach in to support themselves. It's a type of boys' club. The big names recommend these guys, then they become pastors and return the favor by inviting the big names to come do revivals. Think back - Chad's already had 2 of the above come preach at Trinity. And what did he say to us over and over? "Give and Give BIG!!"

So, no, the blog was not recently started. And they were told about it, just not told the truth about it. It was around long before Trinity entered this story.

One thing that most of us didn't know is that Chad actually came to visit the church before the weekend the came to preach in view of a call. The first meetings with the deacons, staff and others went so bad and so many red flags went up, that the search committee began to have some doubts, and when they called him to tell him that, Chad asked them if he could come back to "smooth everything over" with everyone.

Now here's my question: why? How did he plan to "smooth things over"? The only way to do that was to act different, talk different, and try to be who he thought everyone wanted him to be, not the person he really is, the person who sent the red flags flying in the first place. I think we're all pretty sure that we have the REAL Chad now.

Anonymous said...

Well according to Michele he came in view of a call and preached as he always did. I was there and he was not like he is now. He seemed much nicer and caring but it was to get the job.

Deacons we want a new vote. If he is right and only a couple of people don't like him then he has nothing to fear and we will just shut up. Oh but he fears that because there are so many who are so discusted with him he will soon be gone.

He came here with 17% of the people voting NO and now he won't get that many to say yes.

We Need A New Vote!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! When someone lies and covers up to gain his position then it was NOT God's will that he is here.

The search committee was scared that it was taking to long and that because the staff was not running the church well with no leadership that they had to hurry
to find a pastor and because of it we are in worse shape than ever.

We need a new vote. Deacons and leadership must take a stand we want to but also know that as long as you are his "YES MEN" there is nothing we can do except hold our money. We will and are.

Look at all the comments made by Trinity people and see the hurt and pain they are feeling. There is no way that you can see what has happened at Chad's other churches and not believe some of it. After all I have seen and heard I believe all they have said.

Look at what has happened at TBC since he came in Jan. We have lost so many members and twice that many are visiting other churches and just because Chad leaves they may never return. Not many people are willing to return after seeing how good it feels to leave and go somewhere else that seems happier. All churches have problems but none as bad as we have. Now their problems are parking and seating from all of our members leaving.

Peace Makers is turning into Rest In Peace Makers for Trinity for she may never recover.

Hopeful Member said...

The only way that we might get something done is to write or call the deacons. Tell then what has happened to you or friends and give your name. Then they can't ignore it.(or they shouldn't)Then if nothing happens we know to just leave Trinity because with no Godly leadership it will fail and just be another empty building in Southaven.

Anonymous said...

The e-mail I just read said the deacons don't care. Everyone needs to call them. Tell them your heart Then leave there are better churches in Southaven without this maddness.

A Friend of God and TBC said...

WOW! I am in shock to read the bitterness and hate spewing out of the keyboards of so many! I guess I just believe in the God that loves and to read such hate is hard!

To those from Trinity that have become bitter and negative because of Bro. Chad, remember- you were bitter and negative long before he got here! Or have we forgotten all the hatefulness you gave Bro. David and Bro. Jeff P? You are all just afraid of change. You were afraid of changes to the church service times, afraid of changes to the music, afraid of black paint on the walls in the "black room". What it seems like you need in a real change- IN YOUR CHURCH MEMBERSHIP! I want to see Trinity Baptist Church become a church filled with loving, Christ following, giving Christian members!

Anonymous said...

A friend of God and TBC said:
"To those from Trinity that have become bitter and negative because of Bro. Chad, remember- you were bitter and negative long before he got here! Or have we forgotten all the hatefulness you gave Bro. David and Bro. Jeff P? You are all just afraid of change. You were afraid of changes to the church service times, afraid of changes to the music, afraid of black paint on the walls in the "black room."

What an assumption, and speaking for myself, you couldn't be more wrong. I was 100% behind everything before, from the pastors to the changes in the services to the paint. I am opposed to being manipulated and deceived. There are many, many people who have left Trinity who feel exactly the same way I do, and I would hope that more of them will post as well and put down the idea that all those who have left are just "that same old negative group." I believe the fact that many members who have or are leaving have ridden out many trials before this one. They just don't feel like they have any other way out.

Anonymous said...

Well to tell us who are members too to just change our church membership is sounds like a Loving Christ Filled Member. This is not hate it is concern.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of us that love Trinity and our staff. Don't act like the whole church is with you. We just have better things to do with our time than to check this blog all the time and leave hate-filled comments- things like loving God and his church and sharing that love with others.

Most of you sound like either people from Bro. Chad's old church or people from Trinity who have moved to a new church. So maybe you could all just try and move on. Go and be the salt and light God created you to be in your new environment.

Anonymous said...

You people have no idea do you? If you think all of these people here are from his old church, then that should tell you something.

This guy has covered up crimes and has torn up two churches so far, Trinity will be number three, it is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I have some news for ya. Chad will not be able to destroy Trinity. Why do ya think God allowed someone like Chad to come to Trinity? God knows how Strong Trinity is, He Knows How strong our faith is , and He knows How strong our Hearts are; that is the reason He would Bring such an Hatefilled,Decieving person Like the Evilsons Here. Most of the ones that are praising Chad are newer members(members within the Past 5 or 10 years).
People wheather or not yall realize it We(all Christians) are in spiritual warfare. Why would Satan keep trying to Destroy Trinity? Why would he have brought some of the Staff members we have had in the past, who were either just watching out for themselves or just puppets for anothers cause? Satan does not like Trinity. He is scared of what God is going to do with Trinity after we Get a True Man of God in the Pulpit.Trinity has always been a beacon of light till the last two Preachers. We have exposed Chad for what he is and Now it is time to treat him Like the Liar,Deciever, and anti peace maker he is. And show Him the Door. Former Staff member and Still Trinity Member

Anonymous said...

To Annom. at 12:55

How bad did it sound to say that we must be people who are from Chad's other churches did they not just LOVE him why not? Or people who left Trinity why have so many left? And do you not have enough to do with your time? You were on here too. Maybe we are people who have been at Trinity for a long time and people who should not be forced to leave. You and Chad need to understand when a pastor is a pastor he is there for everyone and not just his crowd of facebook junkies. Had anyone ever thought that this would have happened he would have not gotten any votes.. The seniors voted him in based on what he told them and he did a good job of selling himself but a hard time of keeping up the appearence.

Anonymous said...

If the people at Bro.Chad's other churches feel so bad about him then think about it...there is a reason. When Bro. Jim or Bro. David left I did not go around and post blogs about them nor did anyone else, no one feared for the saftey of another church. They had not had the past of distroying other churches and I might add the when Bro. Jim left our church there were Godly men in leadership and several hundred thousand dollars in the bank and bills paid. We also had a budget that paid the bills and payroll and we did not have so many people on staff. We also I might just add had several hundred more members than we do now and about 1300 in worship service and more in nursery. Now we are lucky to have 700 total.

If he were right for our church we would be growing and we are not. He does not even have many comming down and has to blog on the TBC site that it is not how you measure success. According to him you can't tell it by attendance, giving or decisions then WHAT? There has been no success we had members start leaving by the end of January. We still have a deacon listed who has been attending DeSoto Hills Bapt. since the first of Feb.I think they have joined. He is still listed as an active deacon. We are in very bad shape at TBC and someone must be able to help.